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The main supply of various gases

Low temperature insulated gas cylinder (Duba can)

The liquid gas is supplied from the gas generating station to the Dewar tank and transported to the gas supply mode to the respective gas sites. Each dewar can be about 130kg, can hold about 140Nm3 gas, suitable for customers with daily dosage of 100kg ~ 500kg, the use pressure does not exceed 2Mpa.

Industrial cylinder

The high-pressure gas is charged from the gas generating station to the high-pressure cylinder and transported to the gas supply mode to the respective gas sites. Each cylinder is about 50kg and can only hold 6Nm3 gas. It is suitable for customers with daily dosage <50 bottles, customers who use on-site dispersion, or customers who need high-pressure gas at gas terminals.

Pipe aspiration

Concentrate on the way in which gas is sent from the gas generating station through the pipeline to each gas. Generally only applicable to large industrial areas. There are several customers in the industrial area with a small amount of oxygen and nitrogen of 100-400 tons, or the industrial area itself has a gas pipe network.

Transporting liquid bulk gas by tank truck

It is a method of transporting liquid bulk gas from a cryogenic air separation gas station to a gas field by a tank truck, transferring it to a low temperature storage tank at the site, and supplying gas to each gas point. Suitable for customers from 30 tons to 400 tons / month, the requirements for nitrogen purity (99.99% ~ 99.999%).

1、Low temperature gas (oxygen, nitrogen)

Low-temperature gas-making technology, namely deep-freezing air separation technology, is a relatively traditional air separation method with a history of more than 100 years. The basic principle is to freeze the air to liquefy it, and to separate the components by distillation by using different boiling points of the components in the air. Suitable for customers with a dosage of more than 400 tons / month, the amount of continuity is good, and finally the use of gaseous oxygen or nitrogen.

2、 Non-low temperature gas (membrane separation, pressure swing adsorption system)

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a high-tech technology for separating gas mixtures in adsorption separation technology. The pressure swing adsorption gas separation technology was extended in the 1960s when the world was in an energy crisis. The initial pressure swing adsorption technology was applied to the production of oxygen and gas from air. It has been widely used in nitrogen production as technology has developed. In the production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other industrial gases, pressure swing adsorption technology, especially pressure swing adsorption nitrogen and pressure swing adsorption oxygen technology in the past 10 years has been a rapid development, new technologies, new technologies continue to emerge. Membrane separation technology is a new type of separation technology developed in recent decades. It is mainly used in the air separation industry to produce nitrogen and oxygen. PSA and membrane separation for oxygen production and nitrogen production are suitable for customers with less than 400 tons/month, and the purity requirements are not high (nitrogen <99.9%, oxygen <97%), and the gas continuity is good.

Transporting gaseous bulk gases with torpedo tankers

It is a gas supply method similar to the use of tank trucks to transport liquid bulk gases, except that the medium being transported changes from a liquid to a gaseous state.

Use, maintenance and precautions for dewar tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks, and liquid nitrogen storage tanks

一、Container maintenance

1. The liquid nitrogen tank is only used to hold liquid nitrogen LN2, and it is not allowed to hold other liquids;

2. Check whether the inside of the container is clean and dry before use;

3. Pre-cooling with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before filling with liquid nitrogen;

4. For long-term storage, it is necessary to replenish liquid nitrogen regularly. The timing of replenishment should generally be one third of the total volume of liquid nitrogen.

5. It is strictly forbidden to place objects on the container cover and seal the neck opening;

6. When putting in or taking out frozen articles, try to make the opening time of the tank opening as short as possible to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, and do not put the lifting cylinder completely;

7. Strictly prevent impact and collision;

8. It is forbidden to use a hard object to remove the frost from the neck tube to avoid damage to the neck tube.


1. The liquid nitrogen tank can only be placed upright when it is transported. It should not be placed. In order to prevent it from falling over, it must be fixed with a belt or other items. To mitigate the impact, sponge or other cushioned bottom should be used.

2. When transporting liquid nitrogen, please use the transport tank (YDS-XB). It is forbidden to use the storage tank as a transport tank.


1. Liquid nitrogen is an ultra-low temperature liquid (-196 ° C). If it is splashed on the skin, it will cause frostbite like burn. Therefore, special attention should be paid when filling and taking out liquid nitrogen.

2. It is not possible to replace the special can lid with other plugs, and it is not allowed to use a sealed plug to prevent the liquid nitrogen from continuously evaporating, and the pressure of the formed nitrogen is increased to cause damage to the container;

3. When inspecting the liquid level in the container, use a practical plastic stick or a solid small wooden stick to insert into the bottom, and take it out after 5 to 10 seconds. The length of the frost is the liquid level;

4. The room for long-term storage of liquid nitrogen should be ventilated and ventilated.

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