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Laser gas required for carbon dioxide laser metal cutting

    The metal-cut carbon dioxide laser generating gas is generally high purity pure carbon dioxide with a purity of 99.999%, high purity helium gas with a purity of 99.999%, and high purity nitrogen gas with a purity of 99.999%, which are mixed according to a specific ratio given by the laser manufacturer. Laser mixed gas, some laser cutting machines themselves have laser gas premixing equipment, laser manufacturers only need to purchase high purity carbon dioxide, high purity helium and high purity nitrogen, premixed by the laser cutting machine with premixed equipment . The laser cutting machine has high requirements on the laser gas. When the laser gas contains more impurities, it will affect the laser beam and affect the laser cutting quality.


When cutting metal with a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, a laser mixed gas composed of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen generates laser light, which is generally divided into laser oxygen combustion-assisted cutting and laser melting cutting. Oxygen combustion-assisted cutting is generally used for cutting carbon steel steel sheets, and melting and cutting are generally used. Used to cut stainless steel plates and aluminum alloy plates. Oxygen-assisted laser cutting uses a carbon dioxide laser as a laser source, using oxygen as a cutting gas, and the oxygen ejected reacts with the cut metal to release a large amount of heat, and blows out the molten metal oxide to complete the laser of the carbon steel plate. Cutting. Laser melt cutting refers to laser cutting a metal that is not easily oxidized by a laser mixed gas. The laser is heated by a laser mixed gas to melt the metal, and then the molten metal is blown away by high pressure nitrogen to complete the stainless steel and the aluminum alloy. Cutting, as the cutting speed increases, the cutting quality is worse.

When laser cutting carbon steel materials, liquid oxygen low temperature dewar tanks are generally used.

Supply should be high pressure oxygen, the general process is:

Cryogenic liquid oxygen dewar tank --> Vaporizer --> Liquid oxygen regulator --> Laser cutting equipment

  When laser cutting metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy that are not easily oxidized, liquid nitrogen low temperature dewar tanks are generally used to supply high pressure nitrogen. The general liquid nitrogen supply process is:

  Low temperature liquid nitrogen dewar tank --> liquid nitrogen vaporizer --> liquid nitrogen regulator --> laser cutting equipment

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